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Synthetic Thought Process

12 January 1985
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I'm 23. I haven't updated my bio section in a couple years apparently. I finished undergrad in '07 at Stetson Univeristy in DeLand, Florida with a bachelor's degree in American Studies. I also had minors in Sociology and Gender Studies. I love liberal arts. I want to do grad school sometime soon, as graduating in '07 is a long time ago now. How soon, I do not know.

Generally, my main interest is all forms of pop culture. So I don't really update my journal all that much - I mainly use it to comment over at Oh No They Didn't. I love music, television, film, celebrity, comic books and even real books too, though I haven't sat down and read one in far too long. I like to know things about stuff that most people find trivial.

Anyway, my bio page is now updated after a long ass time. Hope you enjoy knowing something about me that's more up to date!
aaliyah, abba, adult swim, alphabeat, american studies, amerie, amy winehouse, annie, arrested development, ashley tisdale, black canary, blake lewis, blondie, bobby darin, boney m, britney spears, buffy the vampire slayer, carly smithson, cher, chocolate, chuck, coffee, coldplay, comic books, courage the cowardly dog, danielle brisebois, danity kane, dannii minogue, daria, dashboard confessional, dave lieberman, david archuleta, david henrie, dazzler, dc comics, desperate housewives, dogs, donna summer, donnie darko, dustin hoffman, faith hill, fall out boy, florida, food network, frank sinatra, fred, gavin degraw, gender studies, girls aloud, goldfrapp, gone with the wind, grad schools, grease, greece, green, grey's anatomy, grumpy bear, hellcat, heroes, high school musical, holly valance, hummus, i love the 70s, i love the 80s, i love the 90s, ice cream, indiana jones, jake gyllenhaal, janet jackson, jason mraz, john mayer, jonas brothers, justice society of america, kate bush, kathy griffin, kelly clarkson, kristen bell, kylie minogue, liberals, lindsay lohan, linkin park, lisa loeb, long naps, lost, madonna, mamas and the papas, maroon 5, marvel comics, mp3s, music, my friends, nancy sinatra, nellie mckay, oh no they didn't, olives, olivia newton john, outkast, pasta, paula deen, pink martini, pop culture, popular, project runway, pushing daisies, rachel stevens, res, robot chicken, sal mineo, sarah michelle gellar, saturday night fever, she-hulk, sheer genius, sociology, spice girls, star trek, stetson university, sugababes, the best week ever, the brat pack, the breakfast club, the killers, the muppets, the o.c., the postal service, the ting tings, the wizard of oz, tina fey, top chef, ugly betty, utada hikaru, vanessa williams, venture brothers, veronica mars, vh1, weezer, x-men, xanadu, zac efron, zatanna